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Photo credit: Christopher Duggan

As I Remember It

As I Remember It is an intimate portrait of the legendary artist Carmen de Lavallade told through dance, film and her personal writings. Created by Ms. de Lavallade in collaboration with director Joe Grifasi and co-writer/dramaturg Talvin Wilks, this hour-long original work traces a career that spans over six decades.

The video and set design create a sense of time and place – from her childhood days playing in the empty lots of 1930’s Los Angeles to performing on many of the world’s grand stages. As I Remember It features Ms. de Lavallade performing with projections of her younger self as well as with films featuring some of her significant collaborators. Stories of her years in California dancing with Lester Horton, in New York with Alvin Ailey and her time spent as a member of the Yale Repertory Theatre frame the evening.

As I Remember It will tour throughout the United States in 2014 and 2015.

Carmen de Lavallade Residency at the Baryshnikov Art Center | June 2014

The development of As I Remember It took place at the Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC) beginning in May 2012 through June 2014. A production residency with technical support was provided by BAC with funding support provided by the New England Foundation for the Arts.

Carmen de Lavallade | BAC Story by Charmaine Warren

July 3, 2014

To know Carmen de Lavallade is to know a gentle giant, and learning about her six-decade journey to becoming an icon in the dance world, is to be well informed. Ms. de Lavallade recounts her intriguing story in her solo show, As I Remember It, which received its world premiere at Jacob’s Pillow in June, but for a special audience she opened the doors during rehearsal at BAC just weeks before the show premiered. Read More… 


Carmen in rehearsals at Baryshnikov Art Center  –   Photo Credit: Richard Beenan

Carmen with director Joe Grifasi

Carmen with her director, Joe Grifasi – Photo Credit: Richard Beenan

Carmen with her team

Carmen with her team: Joe Grifasi (Director), Anna Glass Coquillot (Producer), Carmen, Mimi Lien (Set Designer), Talvin Wilks (Co-writer/Dramaturg), Robert Henderson (Production Manager/Consultant) – Photo Credit: Richard Beenan

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